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 Home of Goldie's Famous Sky Juice

"Best conch salad in Nassau

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Kirkwood “Goldie” Evans started his legacy on Potters Cay dock in Nassau in 1983 selling fish and conch right off the dock. In the early 80’s he set up a roadside stand with just a table and an umbrella selling what is now known at “conch salad”. 
This roadside stand became so popular lines were often seen down the street.

How he got the name Goldie? School kids who passed the roadside stand every day on the way to school used to call out “Hey Goldie!” in reference to gold teeth in his mouth. (Which have since been replaced with pearly whites) The name has stuck ever since. With the money he made from that roadside stand, he built “Goldie’s Restaurant”, also known as “The Fish Fry”, which has been open for 25 years in Arawak Cay Bahamas. For the rest of the story you will have to stop by, have a conch salad and a drink, and ask him yourself...

Kirkwood "Goldie" Evans


"Often imitated never duplicated. I am the one and only GOLDIE. Don't be fooled by a cheap imitation. Come meet me in person and see for yourself. I promise you will have a great time!"-Goldie

Cracked Conch

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